Referee Opportunities

Currently we’re looking for:

Looking for new or experienced people who are interested officiating roller hockey games. Usually can get 2-5 games a night. If you or someone you know would be good at this opportunity please call 717-763-8062 or email

Looking for Experienced Soccer Officials for Indoor Soccer League Games.
Interested officials or for more information, contact us at 717-763-8062

Saturday and Sunday weekend indoor games, and possibly some week nights.

Experienced Lacrosse officials interested in officiating indoor Lacrosse game contact us at 717-763-8062

Looking for experienced football officials for Adult Flag Football here at the YBSC.  Interested officials contact us at 717-763-8062 or email us at
Flag football games are usually Saturday mornings and Sunday nights.

We have a large interest in field hockey in our area and would like to start hosting league and tournaments and we are looking for officials for field hockey, for both youth and adult leagues.
Interested, give us a call at 717-763-8062 or email us